At the age of 17, the sudden death of her grandfather broke her heart completely. Her grandfather meant the world to her. She used to always come home from high school and talk to her grandfather about the entire day. Her heart was shattered into pieces hearing the news of his death. While she was still in her healing stage, absurd nightmares started haunting her. Everyone close to her started dying in her nightmares. To get rid of these nightmares, she started involving herself with things she never did. Soon this bubbly teenager started spending time alone and engaging herself in Gothic art. Gothic is a symbol of sadness and depression. This new lifestyle started changing her and she became increasingly shady. All these new things were never a part of her life before.

After few weeks, one of her closest friend who couldn’t see the change in her personality, suggested her to read books and meet a therapist. She never went to a therapist as she believed nothing was wrong with her. Once while scrolling through the internet she found a theory about “DREAM CATCHER.” It stated that the native Americans believed that the “DREAM CATCHER” traps all the nasty nightmares into its web and helps get rid of the nightmares. She decided to get a “DREAM CATCHER” on her left hand. Till date, she doesn’t know whether it was the tattoo or her own mind change that made her feel better than before. She always associates the “DREAM CATCHER” to her grandfather, because it always reminds her about the time spent with her grandfather and the transformation phase she went through in for those months.

Her grandfather always used to say, “When good souls die, they become stars.” Today at the age of 26, she is an independent woman studying and working what she always wanted to do.


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  1. Great perspective on something that still holds a poor misconceptions – tattoos have a meaning for everyone, it’s a form of art and should be accepted in our professional environments.

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