He had to sacrifice football for the sake of his career and this was indeed the hardest part of his life. But this wasn’t the only reason. He also suffered from a major injury later that disabled him from playing football at all. He used to play for several clubs in India and was the defender for his team in college. He says, “People spend an entire lifetime trying to find something they are this passionate about, and once they have find it, it becomes impossible to let go.”

He wanted football to be a part of him, no matter what the circumstances were, which is why he decided to get inked in 2012. His tattoo symbolizes the intense passion he has for football. Perhaps, his career has completely taken over his game, but he still catches himself playing the game from time-to-time with his friends, even though his injury doesn’t support it and doctors have strictly restricted him from playing. He also manages to teach kids every weekend so that they don’t  suffer from the same injury he is suffering from. He believes that, if he was properly trained and taught he wouldn’t have had this injury. He feels as if his enthusiasm is never going to end, and will dependably make him insane towards his passion. Currently he owns a business, but that didn’t stop him from escaping to Hyderabad where he recently represented the Western zone of India for football.

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