As the tattoo says- “Not all those who wander are lost”

It simpler terms, one who has a wanderlust (strong desire to travel). The tattoo has a compass in the middle, symbolizing the traveler’s icon and the wings on the both sides strengthen the thought of travel.  He had a strong desire for travel at a very early age. Travel is not everyone’s cup of tea. Traveling in India can be the toughest thing ever unless you are traveling by flight. But he always finds traveling mesmerizing. His passion for traveling started increasing after his high school trip to Kasol-Chalal-Rasol-Manali (Northern part of India). The beauty of the mountains covered with ice caught his attention. He started realizing the beauty of India he was missing.

At the age of 25, he quit his job and decided to travel. He was a technical engineer but machines never interested him. His family had taken a back after listening to this decision of their only child in the family. Initially, no one was ready to accept this as it is nonprofit passion aka professional, but later they realized the only way to keep him happy is to let him do what he wants to. He not only travels to fulfill his desire but also wants to survive in the most difficult situations of his life. He says, “I want to get out the comfort zone I have been living for the last 25 years and become a better person”. In the span of four to five years, he has traveled entire Northern part of India, few parts of southern India (Bangalore and Kerala), few parts of Eastern and Western India and also few places outside India too.

4 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. I love the term wanderlust, as I’m totally caught up in it right now… the past couple years it’s been growing, and I’ve debated getting a tattoo with similar writing, but a little different. Very interesting post Krutika!

  2. This is an amazing blog idea and so interesting! I don’t have any tattoos but I’ve always wanted one and I’ve always wanted it to be related to wanderlust. This post was a huge help in making my decision.

  3. That is a great story and a very great tattoo to go along with it. I am happy to hear when people go after their dreams and find happiness.

  4. Although I don’t have any tattoos, the idea of this blog is amazing. I was wondering if you have met anyone who has regretted getting a tattoo and their experience with coping or even modifying/covering it up with another piece.


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