She was always fond of dogs. Eli was one of the dogs she had rescued. She fought Eli outside her apartment. Eli was old, starving and her reflexes were very slow initially. She started noticing Eli every single day near her apartment. She couldn’t see the pathetic condition of the dog, so she decided to feed her. In no time, she was attached to her. She called the local ambulance for help and vaccinated Eli. She nursed Eli back to health. Within a couple of days, Eli was a healthy dog again. She started running around and being active again. Eli grew back her shiny coat. She heard her bark for the first time ever since she met her. She became so fond of Eli that she brought a bed for her and ever since then she started living under an awning by a tree near her house. She started feeding Eli twice a day. She used to stroll outside her apartments, sometimes near the garden during afternoons or evenings. Eli brought joy in her life as well as her family.

One fine day, Eli was asleep near the footpath. Out of nowhere, a car ran over her for no reason. She tried hard to save her life, but there was no justice. The car owner ran away without paying for the lose.

In the sweet of memories of Eli, she got inked. She still remembers how she nursed Eli back to health, giving her the hope of life.

5 thoughts on “ELI

  1. I like how you are showing some people get tats for reason other than wanting to be cool. I will get a tat when I find the inspiration

  2. This is my long-term plan Krutika, to get a dog’s paw inked on my wrist or back shoulder! I love your idea of story writing and bringing out the rationale behind every tattoo! awesome one! 🙂

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