“To me, the most important tool is not a physical or a technical one. It’s more of a cerebral one. It’s your brain. It’s about having an interest in experimenting musically, perhaps touching on several different genres of music. No doubt, the most important tool is the mind. It’s the willingness to experiment freely.” is my favorite quote by the famous drummer Mike Portney. My tattoo represents and symbolizes how much respect I have for Mike Portney. It’s a triangle inside the circle. He has about 20 tattoos all over his body.

Being a drummer myself, he has influenced me in various ways. He was the co-founder of a progressive metal/rock band “Dream Theater“. He is famous for this technical progressive skills and showmanship as a drummer. He has won about 30 awards for the Modern Drummer Magazine. Also, he is the second youngest person to be nominated for the Modern Drummer’s Hall of Fame. He is also a part of many side projects and tribute bands. After departing from this initial band “Dream Theater”, he has formed several new bands. On his official website, he has released many music videos that have won recognition all over.  Currently, he is writing for the third album by “Flying Colours” and also celebrated his 50th birthday early in February on board Cruise to the Edge, where he played a special show under the banner Shattered Fortress– featuring the entire “12 step Suite“, which he wrote over the course of several Dream Theater albums.

~Akshaye Sridhar

8 thoughts on “Modern Drummer

  1. You are one of the most ‘inspired by their interest’ kind of people I have met bro. And also I like that tattoo, hope you do something great with that skill you possess.

  2. I absolutely love your blog. A lot of people associate tattoos with negative things. My mom cried and didn’t talk to me for two weeks when I got my tattoos. Most tattoos tell a story and I love that you’re sharing these stories!

  3. I’m not into tattoos myself, however, I do find it interesting that you delved into the meanings behind them. Your blog looks beautiful overall, well done!

  4. It’s so true! Tattoos all have different stories to them.
    It’s great that you’ve made your blog the platform through which people share their tattoo stories. I plan on getting one soon. Hopefully ill get a chance to feature the story behind it here!

  5. You have a very nice blog! Enjoyed reading the story about Mike Portney. The quote your’re startting the post with is beautiful and touching.
    Your tattoo looks great, and it’s nice that there is a story behind it. Inspiration is so important!

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